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Nurse Practitioner (NP)

Here's a road map to becoming a nurse practitioner. There may be some missing steps, in which case, you may need to look through some of my general blog posts. But I hope I got the links to some of the most helpful resources and posts for you here.


As a nurse practitioner student:

❥   Resources for Surviving NP School
❥   History and Physical Format
❥   ICD-10 Code Lookup
❥   Flashcards for FNP HESI Exit Exam - Flashcards are not made by me, but is a good resource to use while preparing for the FNP HESI.
❥   PA Study Guides by Topics
❥   Trust Me, I'm a PA - Although written by a PA for PAs-to-be, there are resources that you might find helpful while in NP school and beyond in practice.

Pharmacology / Clinical
❥   Critical Care Pharmacology
❥   Lab Test Interpretation

❥   Practice Listening to Heart Sounds
❥   ECG Practice

❥   Quick Reference - Asthma

Musculoskeletal / Orthopedics
❥   Orthobullets
❥   Radiology Masterclass
❥   PPT - Musculoskeletal Exam

After nurse practitioner school: 

Board Exams
❥  Choosing Your Board Exam
❥  Board Exam Prep and Resources
❥  Quick Guide to Listing Credentials and Degrees

The Credentialing Process & Job Hunting
❥  State Licensing & Furnishing
❥  National Provider Identifier (NPI)
❥  Job Hunting Tips
❥  Why You Shouldn't Take the Job
❥  Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) License
❥  Summing It Up: Nurse Practitioner Licensing & Credentialing

As A New Graduate Nurse Practitioner (More to come!)

❥  Primary Care (Coming soon!)
❥  Neurological Surgery (Coming soon!)
❥  Perspectives (Coming soon!)


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