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Registered Nurse (RN)

Transitioning from a nursing student to a new graduate registered nurse is something that will come with time. Here are some resources to help you find your way as a new graduate registered nurse and beyond!


As A New Graduate Registered Nurse

  • Finding Your Specialty. Once you become a Registered Nurse (RN), the sky is the limit. There are so many different specialties and roles that you can have as a registered nurse that it can be overwhelming. If you find yourself wanting to get a better idea of what specialty or area would be a good fit for you, try taking this quiz by Johnson & Johnson.

  • Land A New Grad RN Interview. Okay, so you'll probably click on this link and wonder, "Isn't this an article for people who were unsuccessful in getting interviews?" Yes. That is correct. In order to land an interview, it's good to understand why others were unsuccessful in landing their interview. Although the article is "older" (from 2015), the article author Beth Hawkes does an excellent job discussing internal and external factors that may prevent you from landing an interview. Remember, your resume will catch the recruiter's eye and your interview will get you your job. In order to get the job, you pretty much need both.

  • Guide to Answering Behavioral Interview Questions. Perhaps you have worked and interviewed before for a job or perhaps it is an interview for your first (ever) job. Either way, this guide will help you prepare for the behavioral interview question. My advice is to have some examples (perhaps 3) in your back pocket that you have ready when given a behavioral question.

  • Nurse Interviewer Thoughts. A nice and concise article about what nurse interviewers look for in their candidates and what makes successful candidates different from their counterparts. My advice is to take a look at this article. Part of the game in interviews is understanding what the other side is looking for, and of course, meeting/exceeding their expectations.

  • Big Interview. It was a resource provided by my school that provided videos about interviews and provided mock interviews with critiques. I'm not sure if it requires payment (once again, it was provided by my school); but if it's free, it's definitely a resource to check out and to help you in your interview preparation.

As An Experienced Registered Nurse

  • ICU Nursing. A compilation of some of the basics you'll need to know if you end up starting out/transferring into the ICU setting.


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