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It wasn't very long ago that I was in your shoes trying to navigate my way into nursing. These are some resources I have compiled through my own research when I was pre-nursing that may be helpful for you. Please note that my resources will probably geared towards those who are planning to attend school in California and become a registered nurse in California, but the resources should still provide you with a general guideline of things to consider.



❥ Research different nursing roles (ie. LVN, RN, NP, etc)
❥ Research schools that offer the program you're interested in
❥ Make a spreadsheet that include important columns (ie. name of school, location, tuition, pre-requisites, tests required, available application periods, application deadlines, school accreditation, notes, etc)
❥ Start planning where and when to take pre-requisite classes and any required standardized tests

Preparing to Apply

Application Process - From the UC Berkeley Career Center. They have lots of helpful tips that I wish were easier to find when I was an undergraduate student.

Steps to Become A CA RN - From the California Board of Registered Nursing (CA BRN) themselves. It's a great resource and guide to getting you on your way to becoming a California Registered nurse!

❥ NursingCAS - A centralized nursing application, where you can send one application to all the United States schools who use the service. Keep in mind there may be minor differences in the essay questions that schools ask as well as their "secondary" applications. Some schools require it, and others don't.  

❥ Transcripts - Have them handy! Official transcripts are required by most (if not all) institutions; however, having the unofficial versions handy will be helpful when you're filling out your nursing school applications. Most of them require the name (title and number) of the class, number of units, grades, and grade points (for some). 


❥ CA Board of Nursing Approved RN Programs
❥ Allnurses
❥ CA NCLEX Pass Rates by School
❥ TEAS Exam Preparation
❥ GRE Exam Preparation
❥ Free GRE Practice Tests

Free GRE Study Plan


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the above websites. They just served as resources for me in planning my way to nursing and as I applied to nursing programs.


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