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So, perhaps you're like me and my husband and have decided to start the next chapter in your life (parenthood!) or maybe you're still in the pregnancy stage, but you don't know where to start. No fear! A fellow first time parent (me) is here!

It doesn't matter if you work in healthcare or if you have some experience with kids. Being a first time parent is full of new experiences and learning curves. I am here to share the resources that I found helpful during my pregnancy and parenting journeys. 

Of course, you're thinking, "'re a first time parent how am I going to learn from you?" It's true that I don't and won't know it all, but I'm happy to share what I have learned so far and what I learn as the months go on (with future updates to this post).


Clue ($$) - Pregnancy Journey
I had used the Clue app when tracking ovulation cycles, then upgraded to their Clue Pregnancy subscription. The subscription provided me with week-by-week changes I should expect for my body as well as baby's development. I was also able to read ahead for some of the weeks or to refresh by going back a few weeks to see what developments happened. Something I learned after subscribing is that there are several websites with newsletters that offer the same updates for free

Contraction Timer (Free, Android and iOS) - Pregnancy Journey
This app came in handy when it came to timing contractions and keeping track of how many contractions have come. The app interface is so simple to use, which is great when you're starting contractions and scrambling to time them. 

What to Expect (Free, Android and iOS) - Pregnancy Journey
This app is full of features, from the week-to-week changes to expect during pregnancy and during baby's first years to a baby tracker to a baby registry. It's a good all-in-one app. Personally, I haven't made use of the features other than just the week-to-week changes during pregnancy. This is probably a good app if you're trying to keep the number of apps to a minimum. 

Baby Time (Free, Android and iOS) - Parenting Journey
This app was godsend when tracking baby's first pees, poops, and feeds while at the hospital after delivery to his time at home. It was also helpful for tracking breastfeeding and pumping times. The app offers a lot of different functions. You can track medications, doctor's appointments, and bathing times. You can even customize and add your own options of things you want to track. You can track in ounces or millimeters. The app allows for you and one other person to have access to a "profile" (your baby) for free. If you have additional caretakers, you would need to pay a small fee to add each person. The app works great for android-ers (like me) or Appl-ers (like my husband). 

Pampers (Free, Android and iOS) - Parenting Journey
I'm sure you can figure out which diaper brand we decided to go with for our baby. Even if you don't go with Pampers, their app is helpful because they delve into baby's milestones month-by-month. And, it's not just the physical things they delve into. They talk about feeding, sleeping, skills, and safety expected for baby in that month. Of course, all babies develop in their own time, but it's helpful having a general guideline of what to expect. The best part of this app is that it's free!


Lucie's List - Parenting Journey
Lucie's List is literally a hodgepodge of good information for new parents or for those who need a refresher. I signed up for their newsletter called "Crib Notes," where they send weekly emails with parenting information, tips, and tricks. I've enjoyed reading their emails so far because they keep the content entertaining (you'll know when you read their does a great job of capturing the author's voice!). If you're not a fan of receiving emails, you can also check out and bookmark their website.

Babylist - Pregnancy & Parenting Journey
Babylist was an amazing resource I found. Not only do they work well as a registry (more about it in this post), they also have an awesome newsletter called "Hello Baby by Babylist." Their newsletters were so helpful during the pregnancy stage, where they would send weekly emails about changes to expect for mom and baby, and during the parenting journey, where they send weekly emails about baby's development/milestones and things to expect as a parent. I found their curation of parenting and pregnancy advice to be helpful. They do advertise a lot of upscale brands from the baby world, so I just focus on the information so I don't get roped into buying more things.

I learned of this website while taking a baby care class through the hospital where I delivered. This website has been helpful in knowing what baby items have gotten recalled because of safety hazards. I recommend signing up for their mailing list so you can get weekly or bi-weekly emails with updates on what has been recalled. They not only include baby specific things but also things any adult would buy (ie. tankless water heater that causes fires, etc). Of course, for any older recalls, you would need to check their website and look up the item by brand. 

Emma Hubbard, OT - Parenting Journey
Emma Hubbard pediatric occupational therapist and mother. I'm so glad I found her youtube channel. It is full of information that is helpful for everything parenting. What exercises should I do with my baby to encourage walking/talking/rolling/etc? What are some toys that can help with development? What are products to avoid because of safety or because it can hinder development? She answers these questions and more via her Youtube videos and her newsletter (you can sign up for it via her website Brightest Beginning). 

Nourish Move Love - Pregnancy/Post-pregnancy Journey
Lindsey is a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and mother. I was introduced to her channel by my OBGYN for exercises to help with diastasis recti, a common condition where the abdominal muscles separate as a result of pregnancy. I love that she does home workouts (Like what? No need to run to the gym and somehow figure out what to do with baby?!), and that she keeps the videos interactive. It's as if she's working out with you! As always, be sure to check with your OBGYN or doctor prior to starting any exercise program and to see if that is what they would recommend for you. 

Yummy Mummy - Pregnancy Journey
If you're considering breastfeeding, you'll want to think of getting a pump if your baby has trouble breastfeeding or when your return to work rolls along. Yummy Mummy was what I used to order my breast pump. It was simple. I just added my insurance name and the state I live in. From there, the page showed different pumps that were completely covered by insurance (free, $0) and some pumps that were reduced fee because of insurance. I ended up going with the Spectra, which had a lot of really good reviews. The best parts:  shipping was free and Yummy Mummy did all the work behind the scenes to get the breast pump covered by my insurance. My order also included about 300 free (because of insurance) breastmilk storage bags. 


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In hindsight, I probably didn't really need all of these apps. It was information overload at times. My advice would be to give all the apps and websites a try, then scale down and keep the ones you like best. That's what I ended up doing!

Do you have any resources you found helpful in your pregnancy or parenting journey? If you do, add them in a comment below and share why they were helpful for you!

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