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BTS | ELLE Medical Apparel Brand Ambassador

Sacramento, CA, USA

So, if you've been following along on my blog/nursing/travel journeys, you're probably wondering what this "BTS" post is all about. I'm thinking of starting a new "theme," if you will, called "BTS" or behind the scenes, where I talk about sponsored brands and products. As with everything I do, I try to be as transparent as possible. 

I am so thankful to have been selected as one of ELLE Medical Apparel's new brand ambassadors! I had applied back in September, interviewed in early October, and found out I was selected towards late October. I am happy to be joining this small team and that they truly support and believe in my humble, little (but hopefully growing) platform to help pre-nursing students and future nurses and nurse practitioners. 

I will disclose that I have been gifted quite a few scrub sets from them for free as an ambassador. Despite this, I will be writing my honest review about the scrubs and keep it real like I do when I review places on Yelp

Like for most of my Yelp reviews, there is a certain set of criteria I look for personally. It's a little different when shopping for scrubs...and maybe clothes in general, but these criteria are: 

  • Material -- What material is used? Is the material durable?
  • Quality -- How long will these scrubs last/how often will these need to be replaced? Is it worth the investment?
  • Sizing -- What size range do they offer? Are they inclusive? Do they have sizes that fit me?
  • Style -- What styles do they offer? Are they styles I would wear? Would the style allow me to do my job/function without interference?
  • Colors/Selection -- What colors do they offer? Do I need to wear a certain color? What kind of prints/designs do they have?
  • Pricing -- Is it affordable?

More lately than not, I've also been more conscious about inclusivity, diversity, and what the business stands for/supports (ie. where my money is going). I'm only the second brand ambassador (there's only one more who also happens to be a nurse too), and my hope is that the company will continue to diversify their ambassador community and models as they grow. There are so many different professions that make up the healthcare community and we're all pretty diverse in our experiences and what we bring to the table!

My Thoughts On ELLE Medical Apparel Scrubs

There are three things that I love about ELLE Medical Apparel's scrubs. I love that...

  1. they're stylish - some of these can pass as business casual pieces and they have tons of pockets
  2. they're affordable - I love that the price point is reasonable and does not exude a feel of superiority or exclusivity
  3. they seem to be of good quality material - the material feels soft and silky, great for summer for sure and questionable for winter...but I guess that's where layering up comes to play. I also emphasize the word "seem" because I'm curious to see how durable the scrubs are over time. 

In all honesty, I can't judge the quality of the scrubs yet, since I haven't owned them for years and haven't put them into heavy rotation yet. You can thank the uniform policy at my workplace for that. 

  • Material -- Silky, soft, textured (subtle stripe pattern) material
  • Quality -- TBD
  • Sizing -- Inclusive range of sizes from XXS to 3XL; Range of lengths including tall and petites for bottoms
  • Style -- Different styles with different shaped/size/number of pockets
  • Colors/Selection -- Range of colors and prints
  • Pricing -- Relatively affordable compared to big/bigger named brands

Really, the scrub brands I have worn either on heavy rotation and/or for some years include Dickies and Cherokee. For both of these, the material is a bit stiffer, although there are more improvements on Cherokee's end, and both have had color fading over time. Cost-wise, scrubs from these brands are more on the moderate ($$-$$$) end, but not as pricey as some others ($$$$ like on Yelp, anyone?).

If you own a pair of ELLE Medical Apparel brand scrubs, what are your thoughts and what criteria do you use when shopping for the perfect scrubs?

Nicole G.

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