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Fellowshipping: Month 10

Sacramento, CA, USA

As the month of October comes to a close, it's amazing to me how quickly the month has passed. I started my first week of October after having returned from a week-long vacation, and it actually wasn't too difficult to get back into the swing of things.

My schedule for the month was stable and fixed for the most part -- working three 12-hour shifts per week, scheduled on Wednesdays through Fridays each week. It wasn't difficult getting a sleep routine down, and it was nice having a consistent length of time off each week, although that time was mostly used for studying and reviewing. 

My weeks came and went like this:

  • Sunday - Day off. Rest + studying. 
  • Monday - Day off. Laundry + errands. Study in between. 
  • Tuesday - Day off. Meetings x2-3 (for some Tuesdays). Meal prep for the week. Finish any last task(s) that can't wait until the weekend. Study in between. Look up patients for the next day.
  • Wednesday - Work day. Study, if able, or rest.
  • Thursday - Work day. Study, if able, or rest.
  • Friday - Work day. Study, if able, or rest.
  • Saturday - Day off. Rest + studying. 

Overall, the month has gone by quickly and has been stable work schedule-wise. This month has been a huge learning and growing experience for me as a provider and has opened my eyes in how I can improve my practice going forward. It has also been an eye opener in terms of assessing what patient acuity I am comfortable caring for and managing. 


Home-wise, I am wondering how much of a genetic component there is for B-cell lymphoma. I've had two aunts who have passed away from this, and two more who have it -- one active and one who had the slow growing version. I say had because she has been hospitalized. What are the odds that 4 of 6 aunts would have this type of cancer? And, what are the odds that there are this many cases from one side of my family? Does it mean that I am at risk too as a female?

I guess that's life. We all have questions, stories, and worries. I guess what has also been on my mind this month is the unknown after fellowship. Ideally, a job I love and will stay a long time working in, but hopefully, a job than none at all. It's scary hearing from classmates about being laidoff/furloughed because of COVID and hearing from others about still being on the job hunt since graduation. 

It's times like these I have to bring myself back to the present and to stop trying to plan ahead...way ahead, and instead, to think about the opportunities to be had as I turn this last bit of the bend toward the finish line of fellowship. 

Nicole G.

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