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Overnight Trip in Pismo Beach, California

Pismo Beach, CA, USA

If you ever find yourself traveling from norcal (Northern California) to socal (Southern California) or vice versa, and find yourself wanting to make a pit stop or a mini stop, Pismo Beach is the perfect location to visit!


My husband and I found ourselves traveling from socal to norcal and decided to schedule in a short overnight mini trip to Pismo Beach. Truth be told, I had been curious about visiting this little town because one of my previous apartment mates in nursing school is from the area. Unfortunately, no meeting up took place because of COVID, but I suppose that's what technology is for.

Pismo Beach is a small town along the central coast that is more or less midway between Los Angeles and San Jose. As boring as the beach may be at times (because a beach is a beach is a beach is a beach, right?), it was pretty nice being able to see and spot the differences between the ocean water along this part of the state. My husband and I didn't get to do too much, since this was literally an overnight pit stop, but that just means we'll have to visit again when time permits and we find ourselves travelling across the state.


Where we stayed:

Inn at the Cove

The Inn at the Cove is a nice beach side hotel that boasts ocean views. Imagine being able to wake up to the sound of ocean waves in the morning, watch the sunrise and sunset without obstructions, and having the beach and ocean as your backyard (albeit with some stair climbing). 

During low tide, you can catch some interesting sights, such as the mini crustaceans I saw hanging out (or perhaps trapped) in the tide pool. What I appreciate most is how underrated and not crowded the beach was. It is definitely something in contrast to the busy beaches in both southern and northern California. 

What we did:

There isn't anything particularly spectacular about what we did during our short overnight pit stop. When we first arrived, we took a walk on along the beach, where we spotted a beautiful, naturally made arch. 

We also visited the Dinosaur Caves Park in the neighborhood. No, there were no sightings of dinosaurs, but there was a playground perfect for children, a huge grassy field perfect for pets, and a long paved trail along the bluff perfect for locals and tourists alike.


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Have you visited Pismo Beach, California? If so, what activities do you recommend doing or places you recommend visiting?

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