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Mini Trip - South Lake Tahoe, California

South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150, USA
Things were slowly starting to open up, so my husband and I decided to break the mundaneness of the daily routine and take our first mini vacation of the year to visit South Lake Tahoe. 

After working since the start of my fellowship, I hadn't really had a vacation. My husband and I had originally planned to visit Louisiana and get a feel of the French Quarter area back in March, but that vacation got cancelled due to COVID. 

Now that things have slowly opened up, we decided to make use of the weekend to go somewhere not too far away that would provide us a change of scenery. So it was off to South Lake Tahoe we went!

The drive from Sacramento to South Lake Tahoe wasn't too bad. It was just two hours long. It was pretty scenic, and there were many pit stops with trails along the way. During the drive, you also pass through small towns, which was something appreciated. We finally made it into town, had lunch at Taste of Europe, then made our way out for some sightseeing and trails. 

Whether it's water activities, hiking, biking, or walking, Lake Tahoe has it all. The best part was that my husband timed our trip at just the right time. The weather was pleasant, although a little on the cooler side, relative to Sacramento that weekend, and the usual summer crowd was not as existent. It was a "win" for us, and we proceeded to our activities safely and masked. 

Here was the itinerary for our weekend trip:



One of our first stops was Calawee Cove Beach. There were maybe 4-5 groups along the beach, not including my husband and myself. And by "groups," I mean 2+ people. It was not crowded at all. As my husband and I arrived, some people were in the process of leaving too. Being at the beachside was nice and relaxing. We breathed in the fresh, cool air and listened to the sounds of small waves as they hit the shoreline. 

I took pictures of the waterfront and the scene, and my husband noted a ladybug making its way on the sand. I was hoping it was a sign of good luck. I mean, isn't that what they say when you spot a ladybug? It was the subject of my photos until I turned around and it disappeared from sight (perhaps covered in sand by the wind). 

Our next stop was a mini hike along the Rubicon Trail. I call it a mini hike since my husband and I went about half way then turned back. It was a pretty easy hike with a beautiful view. There were also safety rails/chains at some of the portions closer to the edge to prevent people from slipping off the cliffside. It was not too bad of a mini hike. The windiness and my fear of heights didn't help much though. My husband and I completed as much of the hike that we were willing to, then turned back. 

Our next stop for the day was the Tallac Historic Site, an area with three estates where the wealthy families of the time had their summer homes. It was interesting reading the history of early Tahoe and learning how people lived back then. My husband and I walked around and enjoyed the views. It must have been nice and convenient for the early families to have access to the beach for them and their guests!

For dinner, my husband and I checked out Gastromaniac Homemade Pasta and Pizza. We didn't want to overeat, so we ordered one cotto funghi pizza and one seasonal salad. After placing our orders for takeout, we walked around the neighborhood as we waited. The order took about 30 minutes to complete. Upon picking up the food, I honestly wanted to eat the food right then and there in the car instead of waiting until we reached our hotel. The pizza was fresh hot and smelled so good! 

Our final stop for the day was Nevada Beach to walk around after dinner and to catch the sunset. It was very windy and cold along the beachside. The waves came quickly and crashed as it hit the shoreline. It was beautiful watching and listening to the water. The mountains in the back with their small snowcaps provided a nice backdrop for photos. Meanwhile, the cloudiness added to the dramatic effect as the sun set behind them with small rays beaming along the water.  



Because there were so many cars at Inspiration Point on Saturday that we could not find parking, my husband and I decided to visit on Sunday. The timing was just perfect, and we were able to land a spot right across the street. The view was beautiful, and something different than that of the Rubicon Trail hike. Inspiration Point seems to be the appropriate name, since you will leave inspired after taking in the fresh air and views. 

Before my husband and I headed back to Sacramento, we made our last stop at the Emerald Bay State Park to do a hike down to Vikingsholm, a historic castle that features Scandinavian architecture. I suppose it may also be called "Vikingsholm" because it was the home to some Vikings? The hike going down was a lot easier than the hike coming back up to the parking area. The castle itself is beautiful and something to be appreciated with its intricate woodwork. The inside of the castle was closed for the season, but it's something to check out when it opens.

Curious to know where my next trip for this year will be? Honestly, so am I! I guess we'll have to see how everything goes with the virus. 

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