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Travel & Food | Nara, Japan

If you read my first post about my husband and my trip to Osaka, this is part 3 of our trip. You can check out our experiences in Osaka and Kyoto by clicking on the links provided.

For our visit to Nara, we did a short day trip as part of our main trip to Osaka and Kyoto.


What we did

  1. Deer Feeding. When you head over to Nara, seeing the deer is one a must! There are deer everywhere. The husband and I purchased some cookie wafers to feed the deer (don't worry, it's deer food!). If the deers at the bottom of the hill are full, keep walking and following along the path! There are more deer up the hill, and they're a lot more hungry! As always, beware and keep caution because some of them can get aggressive. I witnessed two deers getting territorial and fighting. Then one deer chased after another deer and ran into someone! Luckily, the person didn't get injured!
  2. 猿沢池の碑. A historical landmark in Nara. The husband and I were heading to the restaurant after finishing our deer feeding adventure and wandered into this lake park. It seems like a place the locals go, and there was even a community event going on that day. The water area is nice and peaceful, and you may even find ducks hanging out there!

What we ate

  1. Gyokuro Sushi. A local mom-and-pop sushi shop! The husband and I were excited to get our fill of yet another delicious sushi place! I ordered the chirashi. It was nicely presented and the fish was so fresh! Like almost all of our sushi ventures, this little shop was quick to fill up!

This is the end of our trip to Osaka and Kyoto! Until our next long trip that needs to be separated to multiple posts! Hah!

- Nicole G.

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