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Next stop, Korea 🇰🇷▪️@koreanair @koreanairworld via Instagram

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After spending a few days in Hong Kong, it's finally time to go to Korea. I don't know about you, but time seems to move faster when I'm having fun. And, I definitely did have fun learning and exploring in Hong Kong. Korean Air was the airline service that brought my husband and I from the United States to Asia for my first international trip. And Korean Air will be the same airline service that will bring us both back to the United States on the return flight.

I was very impressed with Korean Air. All of the flight attendants were helpful and polite. The food selection wasn't bad either. It ranged from Korean fare such as bibimbap to American fare such as an omelette. They provided bottled water, all of which was from the Jeju Springs (per the bottle label). They also provided blankets and headphones (if we wanted to watch a movie or show from the television on the seat in front of us. So far, Korean Air has been the best (albeit only) international airline I've flown with. I can't wait to either fly again with them or with another airline that is similar or better!

Our vacation will come to an end after the layover in Korea, but our adventure won't stop there. We have a list of places that we both want to visit, and we'll get to each place during our mini breaks and vacations.

Where should our next travel destination be? And with which airline?
- Nicole G.


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