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Food | Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum (Hong Kong)

One of my absolute favorite kinds of food is dim sum. Of course, when my husband and I traveled to Hong Kong the home of dim sum foods, we had to have at least one meal of dim sum! After some research, it seemed that Dim Dim Sum had many mentions and accolades, so we decided to check the place out to see if it lived up to the hype.

Dim Dim Sum has many branches, and the branch we visited is in Mongkok. The restaurant is a hole-in-wall style and sits on a street among other restaurants. The restaurant is so small and close by other restaurants that you may miss it or end up going into another restaurant! When we went, we made sure it was the correct restaurant and got in line. As I mentioned, the restaurant is small and seating gets filled up quickly. We ended up waiting a good hour in line before being seated. While in line, the hostess has you fill out the dim sum order form, so that once you get seated, they can start preparing the food you ordered.

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These are snippets of the dim sum foods my husband and I ordered when we visited.

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Food-wise, everything was delicious and steamed to order. I personally enjoyed the har gow, siu mai, liu sha bao, and shrimp cheong fun (not pictured) the most. The shrimp in these dishes were plump and not paste (like in some dim sum restaurants in the United States). The liu sha bao was super cute! The custard was molten just right and seeped out after taking a bite (think breaking the yolk of a sunny side egg....yum!).

When our food started coming out from the kitchen, there was a Hong Kong native and a foreigner she is hosting/giving a tour to who were seated next to us. The Hong Kong native commented to the foreigner that we ordered "a lot." But hey, when you're in Hong Kong and you're planning to have only one meal that is dim sum during your trip, you've got to try one of every dish that you're interested in!

- Nicole G.


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