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Breakfast 🍳▪️@iflyoak via Instagram

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One of the best ways to start the day is with breakfast, of course. When you're travelling and have some time before your flight, it's great being able to chill at the airport lounge. It will most definitely make you feel like you're VIP. Certain credit cards come with the added benefit of access to airport lounges, where there's food, comfy chairs, charging stations, and more. The food will vary depending on the airport or country you're in. My picture is from the airport lounge in Oakland, Calfornia. I have been to the airport lounge in Incheon, Korea. That lounge had more Asian fare, such as seaweed salad, miso soup, teriyaki chicken, etc. They also had some "Western" meals, such as sandwiches and pasta. Most airport lounges allow you to bring a guest as well (a big plus for me, since I get access as a "guest"!).

Do you have access to the "exclusive" airport lounges? If so, what cards do you have/use?

- Nicole G.

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